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CAPPS - Financials


This course includes training material and Frequently Asked Questions on how to process requisitions in CAPPS Financials.
  • Requisition Training Guides
  • Requisition Approval Workflow
  • Creating Requisitions in CAPPS Training Guide
  • Requisition Entry Process Flowchart
  • Requisition FAQs
  • FAQ - What Should I Do If My Manage Requisitions Screen Appears Blank?
  • FAQ - How Do I Edit an Existing Requisition?
  • FAQ - How Do I Print a Requisition?
  • FAQ - What If I Get a REN Server Error When Printing a Requisition?
  • FAQ - When Should I Enter a Due Date?
  • FAQ - How Should I Enter a Requisition Name?
  • FAQ - How Do I Enter Shipping and Handling Charges?
  • FAQ - What is the Department ID for 213 - State Prosecuting Attorney?
  • Purchase Order FAQs
  • FAQ - What is the Purchase Order ID Format?
  • FAQ - How is the PO Reference Field Used?
  • FAQ - What is the Allowable Amount That the PO Can Exceed the Requisition?
  • FAQ - What Should I Do If I Receive a Doc Tolerance Error?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed